EOS R5 Body Professional full-frame mirrorless camera with ground-breaking features. Game on! wow $1,899

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EOS R5 - 8K
With four times the detail of 4K, EOS R5 is the world’s first interchangeable lens digital camera with 8K movie capability1
World’s best Image Stabilization 8-stops2 with Coordinated Control IS. Combines 5-axis In Body Image Stabilizer with lens-based Image Stabilizer in selected RF lenses for increased effectiveness.
EOS R5 - Dual Pixel Cmos AFII
100% AF coverage3 with Dual Pixel CMOS AF II.
EOS R5 - Digic X
The DiG!C X provides high-speed processing which allows the R5 to reach maximum shooting speeds. It also provides precise sharpness adjustment and noise reduction.
EOS R5 - 40.5 Megapixels
45MP full frame Canon CMOS sensor offers amazing resolution for large prints and the flexibility to crop in your images.
EOS R5 - Operability & Reliability
EOS 5 series operability and reliability. The EOS R5 has dual card slots (CF Express + SD cards), AF joystick & rear scroll wheel and new higher capacity battery (back compatible).
EOS R5 - Dual Card Slots
1x CFexpress Card and 1x SD Card. The CFexpress card supports high-speed transfer, allowing the camera to perform continuous shooting of 45-megapixel still images, at up to 20 fps, as well as internal recording of 8K RAW movies.
EOS R5 - LCD Touch Screen
3.2” 2.1 Million dot Vari-Angle LCD Touch Screen makes it easier to shoot from high and low angles, or shoot in portrait orientation.
EOS R5 - LCD Monitor
Even when the monitor is turned off to save power, check various settings on the Top mount dot matrix LCD display and check the shooting mode.
Responsive 5.76MP electronic viewfinder (EVF) great for burst shooting and when switching from monitor to EVF.
EOS R5 - AF MultiController
The AF Multi-controller Joystick facilitates quick and intuitive selection and adjustment of the AF frame.
Similar in size to a JPG file, the HEIF file format provides the benefit of displaying over 1 billion colours.
EOS R5 - Eye Detector
Maintain stable focus and securely track the subject with Eye Detect AF + Animal Detect AF, regardless of the distance and direction of the subject, or the subject’s movement.


1Among all interchangeable lens digital cameras. Based on Canon research as of 9th of July 2020. 1Only when setting crop [Off], up to 29.97 fps / 25.00 fps. 1The video recording time of the Canon EOS R5 is limited by heat.

2Among all interchangeable lens digital cameras. As of 9th of July 2020 (based on Canon research). 2Based on the CIPA standard, 8.0 steps with RF 24-105mm F4 L IS USM at a focal distance of 105mm. 2The RF 24-105mm F 4 L IS USM has Coordinated IS and most IS performance. 2Depending on the time of purchase, the lens firmware needs to be updated. 2The Canon EOS R5’s IS performance is the same as that of the Canon EOS R6.

3Horizontal: 100% × Vertical: 100% (Maximum approx.)- Applicable when the subject frame is shown while using Face+Tracking and RF lenses (except RF600mm F11 IS STM / RF800mm F11 IS STM and Extender RF), EF lenses (excluding some current products), EXTENDER EF (III) (depends on master lens AF area mode). Some scenes and subjects may not be applicable.


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