Camera Sensor Cleaning


Noticed small black fuzzy spots appearing on your photos ? These are often especially noticeable against blue sky or white/snow. Then you have dust on your sensor.

This is normal with use of a digital camera especially in dusty or windy environments or if you change lenses often.

At Kodak Ballina we can clean your sensor for you generally in less than 1 hour. As experienced camera sensor cleaning personnel we know what we are doing and only use the best sensor cleaning equipment and consumables on the market.

Note: we clean SLR or Micro 4/3 SLR cameras only (not compacts).

We require a fully charged battery before we can clean the sensor.

  • Cropped Sensor clean from $59.99
  • Full Frame Sensor clean from $99.99

Note: If you don’t know how to clean sensors or haven’t done it before be very careful. Sensors are very easily damaged and expensive to replace.