Film Processing


Generally we process 35mm film twice a week .

Over 22 years film processing and printing experience. We use professional C41 Kodak chemistry.

Noritsu V30 RA processor. Noritsu Green 3 printer processor. Outstanding quality with this combination and our 22 years of experience .

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*To Develop 24/27 shot Negatives ONLY $15 (*develop the negatives through the chemical process only)

– To Print 24/27 shot from Negatives after Developing $10

Using the Noritsu Green 3 lab. Technically the best printing photo lab on the market today. (2020) Outstanding quality prints. Excellent black and whites.

Develop 36 shot Negatives ONLY $18

Print 36 shot Negatives $15

Digital file to USB of uncut Negatives at same time of Developing (24/27 or 36 shots )

  • Scans with a Noritsu LS-600 film scanner (jpg).
  • $10 per film 24/27
  • $12 per 36 film

We can scan and prints from 35mm slide film from only $0.99 EACH

We can scan and print old black and white film negatives (120 size approx).

We can cross process slide film E6/C41  and print same prices as C41 film.

We have a good and continuous range of fresh 35mm and 120mm film in stock from Kodak colour and black and white and portra single packs and multipacks specials plus we stock film camera batteries.